Skin Care Skin Care at Various Stages Baby Skin (0 to 1yr)

Baby Skin (0 to 1yr)

  • The baby's cleansing need starts the minute it is born and the cord is cut. It has to be cleansed for the first time. Ideal product is the Sebamed baby wash extra soft, a product used by gynecologists the world over.
  • Baby skin needs to be cleansed with a delicate cleanser. A cleanser which does not erode the moisture from the tender skin and helps in developing the babies acid mantle which is in the formative stage in the first couple of weeks. Ideal product is the Sebamed baby cleansing bar / Sebamed baby wash extra soft.
  • Baby's hair needs a shampoo with a gentle cleansing action that minimizes the risk of dryness and irritation. The pH of the baby's scalp needs to be maintained at 5.5 so that it does not face the risk of developing cradle cap. Product recommended Sebamed children's shampoo.
  • Baby's skin needs extra moisturizing so that it does not turn dry. Ideal product is Sebamed baby cream extra soft which contains 42% lipids which forms a moisturizing film without interfering with the skins breathing process. This product is ideal for the winters.
  • Sebamed diaper rash cream should be applied daily in the nappy area daily.
  • Use Sebamed baby sun protection for protection from the sun.
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