About Sebamed

We welcome you to the world of sebamed the science of Healthy skin. sebamed is world's leading skin care expert from Germany with more than 50 years of rich experience. sebamed is the brand of choice in more than 85 countries worldwide. sebamed range of products provide you the unique advantage of pH 5.5 which preserves your skin the way it's meant to be!

sebamed products are not tested on animals. All sebamed range of products are dermatologically tested and are 100% free from soap / alkali / harsh chemicals / alcohol. Hence, sebamed products are hypoallergic, as there is 6 times lower changes of allergic reaction* with sebamed products as compared to other conventional products.

sebamed values your skin

Surely, your skin is your most valuable asset and when it comes to taking care of it, there is nothing you will compromise on. But, did you know that your skin actually has a value? Yes! The human skin has a special feature: its surface is slightly acidic and on an average the pH value of the healthy skin is 5.5.

The slightly acidic surface of the skin prevents loss of moisture, keeps it soft and supple. It promotes timely renewal of skin to maintain its youthful glow. It also keeps our skin infection-free since harmful microorganisms find it difficult to tolerate this acidic pH.

The pH value shows whether a liquid is acidic, neutral or a base (alkaline). The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The neutral point is 7. Values over pH7 denote bases, values under pH7 are acids. The further the value is away from 7, the stronger is the acid or base.

Using skin care products which do not have a pH of 5.5 can alter the protective acidic mantle of your skin. This can cause long term damage as it depletes your skin of essential oils and other substances, leaving it open to infections. Eventually your skin is left looking dull, dry and aged.

sebamed is the only brand which ensures that your skin remains the way it is meant to be. sebamed products have been developed by dermatologists to meet your skin's specific needs. They are ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problematic skin. Only sebamed products have a pH value of 5.5 and they work without altering your skin's pH levels. This means you need not worry about side-effects and can look forward to a skin that is truly pHenomenal.

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