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Oily Skin

This type of skin is caused by the over secretion of sebum making the skin surface oily. The excess oil on the surface of the skin attracts dirt and dust from the environment. Oily skin is also prone to black heads, white heads, spots, pimples and such skin will never be clear. This type of skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly.

Oily skin can be of following types
  • Natural oily skin - the person is born with oily skin, this skin type is inherited and cannot be corrected permanently. However with age the oil contents in the skin tone down. The major benefit of oily skin is that it ages slowly and can be a benefit in old age when majority of he population faces the problem of dry skin.
  • Temporary oily skin - A temporary condition developed due climatic condition (excess oil secretion in hot, humid and sultry weather) This condition is a temporary phenomenon and can be corrected once normal weather conditions are restored.
  • Oily Skin caused in adolescent - Due to hormonal changes there is excess secretion of sebum which leads to a oily skin. Problems associated with this condition are eruption of blackheads and white heads (acne). This change in the skin texture is a passing phase but acne if not treated properly can result in permanent damage like deep scars and uneven skin texture.
How to Identify Oily skin?

Look out for

  • Shinny forehead, cheeks and tips of the nose and chin.
  • Moist, slippery feel.
  • Acne, or signs of acne scars, uneven skin (permanent damage caused by acne).
  • Customers who say I don't use / need a moisturizer daily.
  • Sweaty palms.
  • Oily scalp with dandruff.
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