FAQ's Skin Care

My upper arms and thighs are rough and dry. How can I get rid of this problem?

Rough skin on these places is caused by disorders of the outer horny layer of your skin. Mild cleansing (such as sebamed Dry Skin Wash Emulsion and sebamed Shower Oil) already gives a sufficient basic care which can be intensified by extra lotion. For all extra dry and rough areas you can use a smoothening treatment with sebamed Dry Skin Night Cream. Its 3% phytosterol concentrate restores the skin's own protection barrier function and smoothes horny areas within days. In order to keep the skin also smooth after the treatment we advice the continuous use sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion.

Are there skin cleansing products which I can use in sea water?

All soap free products on syndet basis are suited for salt water. Unlike soap, syndets such as the soap free sebamed Cleansing Bar are not reacting with the magnesium and calcium of salt water thus retain its full cleansing effect. After drying, salt will remain on the skin which leaves an unpleasant feeling. With some fresh water the salt can be removed. Applying cream also helps as lotion dilutes the salt.

How can I treat my dehydrated and dry winter skin so that it regains its healthy look in short time?

If it has to be really quick only an extra intensive care program can help the skin to repair itself again after a long winter. Ideally, you already take care when cleansing the skin. Shorten your daily bath- or shower ritual and only use extra nourishing products such as sebamed Shower Oil or sebamed Shower Cream. In order to awaken your skin from hibernation, change the temperature several times during your shower. After each washing process, showering or bathing you should apply a moisturizing body lotion that is especially designed to support dry skin. Take your time while applying the cream, as the massage will give your skin a fresher appearance. This applies also for your facial treatment. Treat your facial skin every morning with a day cream and every evening with a night cream. In case your hands also suffered from cold simply include them in your daily care program.

Why does my skin often feel tight, dry and rough after showering?

Loss of fat and moisture, swelling of the skin and an interference of its natural acid protection mantle are unpleasant side effects from frequent showering. Mild, soap free shower cream, which is especially designed to support the skin's pH value of 5.5 help to maintain the protection, give intensive care and give the skin a healthy and fresh glow. I am 30 years old and occasionally still have pimples. Now that the first wrinkles are appearing I would like to use anti-ageing products. Would that be ok? For " immature skin "like yours, lotions and creams with extra humidity but with reduced fat are best suitable. In contrast to greasier creams, which have an unpleasant effect on the skin's picture, sebamed Anti-Ageing cream with Q10 does not support the production of comedos, i.e. pimples or blackheads. If you predominantly suffer from ignited pimples you can also easily restore your skin with the antibacterial sebamed Clear Face Cleaning Foam.

Why does soap harm our skin?

In contact with water soap produces leach with a pH value between 8 -12. Neutral pH value is represented by value 7, but the skin's surface is slightly acidic and possesses a pH value of 5.5. Soap leach destroys the skin's natural acid protection mantle. Even though our skin regenerates within a couple of hours, the protection is weak allowing harmful pathogens to penetrate the skin. The risk for skin diseases is even further increased by the soap's characteristic to make skin absorb water, which leads to skin swelling. As soap is loosing its cleansing effect in chalky water one has to use a large amount in order to still make use of the cleansing effect. This further increases the stress for our skin. Soap free cleansing products with a pH value of 5.5 keep the skin's natural balance, i.e. the protective acid mantle and avoid skin swelling. Consequently, the stress enforced to the skin is minimal in comparison to soap.

My skin is very sensitive as a result I do not use any skin care products. You say your products are meant for sensitive skin can i use them?

Our products are meant for sensitive skin, but it is always advisable to consult your doctor before you use a product if you have a history of skin allergies. Alternate you can try using the product behind your arms / ears and observe for reactions for the next 24 hours.

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