Skin Care External and Internal Challenges to The Skin Stress and Ageing

Stress and Ageing

The modern day disorder stress can be a root cause of accelerating the ageing process. Humans face stress in every stage of life the minute they come into this world. It is just that the degree and intensity differs in each stage differs from person to person.

  • A small baby may face stress if it feels it is ignored by his mother. So the child cries to attract her attention.
  • A toddler going to the kinder garden does not know how to approach his teacher so that he can answer nature's call.
  • A school going child faces stress when he has scored less marks in his exams.
  • A teenage boy finds it difficult to face the world due to acne on his face.
  • A young woman does not know how to conduct herself at a party as she is conscience about her excess weight.
  • A middle aged woman finds it difficult to socialize as she feels she has passed her prime.
  • A woman in her forties feels worthless and ignored by her family.
  • A woman in her fifties feels low as she has yet to come to terms with menopause.
  • A 60+ person feels he has lived his life and there is nothing worth looking forward to.

These are very common stress factors that we come across and all these have a definite role to play in the ageing process. They may be different factors occurring in different stages of life but all of them have one thing in common, they all accelerate the ageing process.

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