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Sebamed Baby Baby Sun Lotion

Baby Sunscreen Lotion


Maintaining the pH level of the skin when exposed to the sun is vital. More so, for a baby. Our Sun Baby Lotion is infused with the right amount of pH level – 5.5 that gives your child the necessary protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, an emollient derived from plant oil ensures that your baby's skin doesn't get dehydrated. So bid good bye to skin cracking, sun burns and say yes to skin protection.

Brand Information:-

Sebamed is the German skin care expert with over 50 years of experience in medicinal skin care. All Sebamed products are developed and tested in co-operation with European universities and dermatological clinics. Sebamed offers high quality, modern system of medicinal cleansing and care products - fine tuned to the requirements of your skin. Sebamed's product philosophy has been confirmed and documented in over 120 scientific studies: cleansing and care products, which aim to maintain the pH value of 5.5 ensure that the skin remains healthy. Sebamed is recommended by dermatologists in over 85 countries and has 15 granted patents and 10 patent applications.

Key Features:-

  • SPF 50+ which blocks 98% of UVB rays
  • A broad spectrum sunscreen and has "UVA+UVB" on its label
  • Water-resistant
  • A combination of physical blockers (titanium dioxide) and chemical absorbers (avobenzone) which offers benefits of two different mechanisms of UV protection.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Q: How is the product different from other Baby Sunscreen Lotions?

A: Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion has Panthenol, a form of Vitamin B5 used as a moisturizer. Not just this, the pH level is very important to ensure that your child's skin is not irritable. While other lotions may have a high acid level, the pH level in Sebamed Baby Sun Lotion is a perfect 5.5 which is the requisite natural pH level. This lotion also contains UVA and UVB filters that protect your child from sun burns and skin cracking while they are out playing in the sun.


Q: What are the USPs ?

  • Prevents drying out of the skin
  • Ensures no skin irritation
  • Moisturizes with Vitamin B5
  • Blocks penetration of harmful rays
  • Water Resistant

Q: Is it free from irritants?

A: Yes, it is irritant free.

Q: How to use it ?

A: Shake well before using it. Apply thickly and thoroughly on all parts of your baby’s body that are exposed to the sun. Be careful while applying sunscreen around your child's eyes. Sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours, and after swimming, vigorous activity and excessive perspiration or toweling. Follow the teaspoon rule for each part of your child’s body.

Q: What age to use it?

A: : Can be used from 6 months onwards

Q: : What are the ingredients?

A: Avobenzone, Octocrylene and Titanium dioxide

Q: Should I first test it before applying it to the whole body?

A: : Yes. You should test it by putting a small amount on the child’s forearm first.

Q: When should I apply the sunscreen on my baby’s body?

A: Sunscreen should be applied ideally 15-30 minutes before your child steps out into the sun. This will avoid it from getting washing off when they perspire. Make sure you apply it whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside as the harmful rays of the sun can penetrate through the clouds.

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